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Are you frustrated trying to find new creative stories for your children all the time? Most books have a dozen stories at most and then you're off to the bookstore to purchase another one (There goes another $20!). That's why I decided to take the time and put together this collection for you! I've scoured the planet to bring you the best stories from the most famous fairy tale authors. Download this eBook NOW and stop spending hundreds of dollars on books that end up in storage!


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What's in this eBook Collection?

Grimm's Fairy TalesGrimm's Fairy Tales (175 stories, 472 pages)
The Grimm Brothers are among the best-known story tellers of European folk tales, and their work popularized such stories as "Cinderella" (Aschenputtel), "The Frog Prince" (Der Froschkönig), "Hansel and Gretel" (Hänsel und Gretel), "Rapunzel", "Rumpelstiltskin" (Rumpelstilzchen), "Sleeping Beauty" (Dornröschen), and "Snow White" (Schneewittchen).

Grimm's Fairy TalesCollected Works of Hans Christian Andersen (140 stories, 751 pages)
Hans Christian Andersen was a Danish author, fairy tale writer, and poet noted for his children's stories. His poetry and stories have been translated into more than 150 languages. They have inspired motion pictures, plays, ballets, and animated films, including The Little Mermaid, The Emperor's New Clothes, The Princess and the Pea, and many others!

Grimm's Fairy TalesShakespeare for Children (20 stories, 168 pages)
Originally produced by Charles and Mary Lamb in 1807, Shakespeare for Children brings the complex story lines of William Shakespeare's dramas to the young reader. Shakespeare's hilarious comedies and thrilling tragedies are now available at your fingertips in an easy to read, fiction-style format.

Grimm's Fairy TalesAesop's Fables (119 stories, 65 pages)
A collection of fables from the famous Greek storyteller Aesop. These fables are designed to teach simple, yet powerful morals and lessons using the friendly and familiar attitudes and lifestyles of animals. Fables are great for children and empowers them with bold new ideas that they will carry with them for the rest of their life.

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"I've been using this eBook for months now. With such a large variety, we never run out of stories to choose from!"

Karen, Los Angeles

These timeless stories awaken your child's inner creativity and imagination! In The Worth of Fairy Tales Laura F. Kready says, "Fairy tales bring joy into child life. The mission of joy has not been fully preached, but we know that joy works toward physical health, mental brightness, and moral virtue."


Did you know that reading to your children for 20 minutes each day...

Creates Family Time:

In today's busy world, it is sometimes difficult to find time during the day to have one-on-one time. Reading to your child is a simple and enjoyable way for parents to take out time and focus on the family.

Improves Future Reading Habits:

Moulding your child to become a reader increases their potential for academic success and teaches them to seek knowledge/ideas from a variety of resources.

Builds Listening Skills:

Reading aloud, without pictures, increases a child's attention span and improves their ability to listen to detail. Reading aloud develops the ability to concentrate at length.

Promotes Curiosity:

Reading to your child develops and fosters their natural curiosity. It develops creativity and a child's ability to use their own imagination.

Is Fun:

The stories in The Ultimate Fairy Tale Collection are filled with hilarious and silly story lines. Reading them out loud and playing the parts of the characters is a great way to spend time with your children.

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Download The Ultimate Fairy Tales Collection eBook and get instant access to over 450 stories! Once you begin reading these stories with your children, you will wonder why you never did it before! For those of you that already have great reading experiences, this is a perfect addition to your story collection!

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"Our kids used to fall asleep watching TV. Now they can't wait until bedtime to begin their next adventure! We've noticed a huge increase in their attention span and this has helped them with their schoolwork. Thanks!"

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